September 23, 2014


The VaporCup is an amazing loose leaf digital vaporizer, combining the awesome power of a desktop, the cordless freedom of a strong rechargeable lithium ion battery, and the convenience of a removable heat chamber.  The stainless steel heat chamber slides right out for easy cleaning, making every use taste as fresh as the first.  The discreet dark stainless steel ”coffee travel mug" design allows vaporization in a more private way, as it blends in with life in the modern household.  The VaporCup is far more than just a pretty face.  Treat yourself to a VaporCup. You will be glad you did…  Get your very own VaporCup right here!!!

Welcome to, the home of the best digital vaporizer on the planet.

Welcome to!!!

We are so excited about our new product, the VaporCup™ Deluxe. 

We designed the VaporCup™ to be the finest aromatherapy device on the market.  We tried countless other units, but found most severely lacking.  Most of the available units became dirty and clogged very quickly.  Most had a very restricted airflow that made use a chore.  Some did not even work for even basic use.  We took these experiences to heart and got to work developing the best aromatherapy device we could produce. 

What is different about the VaporCup™?  

Our first goal was to create a aromatherapy device that would have a discreet design giving the user a sense of privacy. The VaporCup™ Deluxe was designed to look like your average nice coffee travel mug, and we even included a privacy sleeve to cover the display panel for extra privacy.  It's dark stainless steel exterior if stylish and clean.  

One of the most important features is the removable stainless steel heating chamber.  Once cooled, you can remove the heating chamber and clean it to your hearts desire. This makes each use taste as fresh as the first. 

The VaporCup™ comes with a rechargeable long life Lithium Ion battery.  Our tests found the battery to last for up to three hours, depending on use.  We also designed the VaporCup™ to allow for use while charging, and the VaporCup™ will work without the battery inserted, as long as the unit is plugged in. 

We hope you will give the VaporCup™ a try. 
You will love it.

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