About VaporCup

Welcome to VaporCup.com
, the home of the most discreet and powerful portable desktop vaporizer on the market. VaporCup 2 has the power and performance of a desktop vaporizer, contained in a super discreet portable design that can go with you anywhere. VaporCup is simply the best.

VaporCup was developed to perfect three main goals:

Best in class performance
VaporCup extracts all the vapor, but never burns. The draws are easy and full of flavor. You never knew your herbs could taste so good. The VaporCup heats up quickly, and is ready for use when you are. It has a rechargeable/replaceable Lithium Ion battery, but also can be also used while charging.  It works great every time. You can have the power of a desktop vaporizer in a super discreet portable unit that goes with you anywhere. 

Easy to clean
Our revolutionary removable stainless steel heat chamber is very easy to clean, making each use as fresh as the first. Most Vaporizers get dirty and clogged very quickly, as it is very difficult to completely clean their heating chambers and vapor path. We designed the VaporCup’s heating chamber to be removable. It easily slides out of the unit for cleaning. A short soak in alcohol or other specialty cleaner will make it perfectly clean.  A sparkling clean heat chamber makes every use taste as fresh as the first. You will also be amazed at how clean the VaporCup stays in-between cleanings. 

VaporCup 2 blends in with life, as it just looks like a very nice stainless steel travel coffee container. Use it at home or on the go. When in use it looks like you are sipping your favorite beverage. VaporCup comes with a secure lid to keep in odors. Very discreet. 

VaporCup Features

-  The VaporCup comes with everything one needs to start vaporizing, including a full set of tools, and a selection of extra screens.

-  VaporCup's digital temperature control allows users to find their perfect temperature, as it can be adjusted by a single degree.  The digital temperature is displayed on an easy-to-read backlit screen.

-  VaporCup has a wide temperature range of 200ºF-420ºF.  The default temperature is 360°, but we recommend experimenting other temperatures.  Try 330°-340° for maximum flavor, or 360°-380°+ for more vapor clouds.

-  The VaporCup has great airflow, which makes vaporizing easier and more effective.

-  The revolutionary removable stainless steel heat chamber slides out for easy cleaning. An occasional soak in alcohol will keep the heat chamber perfectly clean. 

-  Super discreet “coffee travel mug” design, stainless steel styling, and durable construction. You can use the VaporCup almost anywhere, as it's unique design just blends in with life.

-  The VaporCup can be used while on battery power, and also while plugged in for charging (Passthrough).

-  A privacy sleeve is included to hide the display panel, and provide a comfortable feel in the hand.

-  The unit will auto-off after 18 minutes as a safety feature. 

-  The VaporCup is powered by a Lithium Ion rechargeable/replaceable battery for longer battery life. 

-  One Year Limited Warranty

-  Input: 100-240 VAC

-  Dimensions:  7in x 3.5in (177mm x 90mm)   (H x W)

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