Apart form our product reviews on the website, we get lots of emails from customers who love their VaporCup. We wanted to provide you a few of these to let you see the enthusiasm of our customers for the product. Gotta love the VaporCup!!! 

"I LOVE my new VAPOR CUP!!!! Definitely the best bang for the buck.  No other vape that I own produces a consistent, quality Vapor like this one! The draw resistance is perfect and the flavor explosion is freaking intense. There is hardly any cleaning or maintenance involved, which is a BIG plus in my books. I’m finally able to enjoy a much healthier lifestyle and still enjoy ALL the same benefits as traditional smoking. THANK YOU VAPORCUP!!!!!!!!"   
- Dennis from Los Angeles

"I have purchased more then 10 different vaporizers and none but VaporCup has made it more then a few months without getting so dirty that the vapor tastes bad. My VaporCup tastes great every time as the heat chamber can come out to be cleaned.  You can’t imagine how fast it heats up, and it makes your herbs taste so good. The VaporCup also had extended how long my herbs last. I used to go buy every week.. now about every 1.5 weeks… also, the VaporCup keep smells in check when not in use. After use, I leave it on my desk without any smells at all. The battery also lasts hours… I am very happy to stop smoking. Now I get all the pleasure without ever getting a burned throat." 
- Michael from Orange Country, Ca

"I used the VaporCup at a friends home as I do not smoke to often. The vapor cup is different than smoking as a small amount of herbs goes a long way. You also do not smell after use… this is by far the best way to vaporize. I just purchased one for myself, as a Christmas present to me. :)"
- Bradley from Las Vegas

"I was not into vaping at all before my friend made me try his VaporCup.  My past experiences were that using a vaporizer was a chore.  I have to say, the VaporCup changed my mind.  This thing is really easy to use, and it works flawlessly!!!  It just works great every time.  It has a clear strong pull, and produces fabulous amounts of vapor at higher temps (360°-380°), and clean light vapor at lower temps (320°-340°).  Basically, this thing rocks!!!  Try it out.  If it changed MY mind about vaporizers, it is definitely a great vaporizer. 
- CW from Los Angeles