Tips for best results

The following are just handy tips to help you get the most out of your VaporCup

1)  Initial Instructions before first use:  Before you use your VaporCup for the first time, we highly recommend taking these three steps to make sure that your VaporCup will operate to its highest potential. For specific instructions on these three actions, please refer to the downloadable Initial Instructions PDF Guide: "VaporCup Initial Instructions" PDF guide.
     A -  Before you do anything else, insert the lithium ion battery into the VaporCup.
     B -  Allow your VaporCup to charge for 4 hours before use.  
     C -  Once fully charged, turn it on, let it heat up to 360° & run for one 18 minute cycle (repeat as necessary).  
      NOTE:  VaporCup automatically turns off after 18 minutes as a safety feature.)

2)  When you use the VaporCup for the first time, experiment with different temperatures.
You will find that lower temperatures (280°-340°) vaporizer herbs differently than higher temperatures (350°-400°).  
Lower temperatures give less vapor, but the taste is clean and flavorful.  (280°-340°)
Higher temperatures deliver plooms of vapor, for those who enjoy a more hearty vape.  (350°-400°)
Everyone has their own favorite temperature. Try out different temperatures to find the one that is right for you.  
The temperature can be turned up or down by the "+" & "-" (Plus/Minus) buttons just below the digital display. 

 Be sure to switch the VaporCup master "On/Off" switch to the "Off" position when the VaporCup in not in use or the power will drain unnecessarily.