A) "Before First Use" Instructions:  
Before using your vapor cup for the first time
, please check out our "Before First Use Instructions" PDF

B)  Handy Tips:
Please take a minute to check out our "Handy Tips" page for a few suggested things you can do to optimize the performance and life of your VaporCup.

C)  Manual/Instructions:  
Email us at, and we will send you a PDF VaporCup Manual.  
Please put "Manual" in the Subject line of the email, and include your VaporCup Serial Number in the body of the email.  Your serial number can be found on the silver sticker on the bottom of the VaporCup and on the back of the box your VaporCup came in

You can also watch the VaporCup Instructional Video below.  
It is an overview of the topics detailed in the PDF Manual: