VaporCup Limited Warranty:

VaporCup products come with a Limited One Year Warranty covering manufacturer’s defects, except for the rechargeable battery.  The rechargeable battery is covered for 180 days from the date of purchase.  If your VaporCup product breaks during the Warranty period we will fix or replace it. 

The Warranty period starts from the original date of purchase, and your VaporCup must have been purchased brand new from VaporCup.com or an official authorized resellerSecond hand products are not covered by the manufacturer warranty.  Accidental damage from misuse, being dropped, immersion in liquid, or uncontrolled power surges are not covered under the manufacturer warranty. 

The Warranty is void if the unit is opened or appears to have been opened or tampered with.  Tampering, such as removal of the serial number, will render the warranty void. 

To initiate a return, please contact VaporCup at info@VaporCup.com, and let us know the issue you are having with the product.  If covered by the warranty, you will be issued a return authorization number, and will be given information about how to return your product.  All products sent back to VaporCup without a return authorization number will be returned to the sender.