VaporCup Value Combo Pack

The VaporCup is an amazing loose leaf digital vaporizer, combining the awesome power of a desktop, the cordless freedom of a strong rechargeable lithium ion battery, and the convenience of a removable heat chamber.  The stainless steel heat chamber slides right out for easy cleaning, making every use taste as fresh as the first.  The discreet dark stainless steel ”coffee travel mug" design allows vaporization in a more private way, as it blends in with life in the modern household.  The VaporCup is far more than just a pretty face...  The VaporCup Value Pack is a great choice as you same money and have everything you need to take your VaporCup with you. 

The VaporCup Value Combo Pack includes:
1 VaporCup Deluxe Digital Vaporizer  
1 VC Glass Straw 4-Pack
1 VC Car Charger. 

1) The Vapor Cup Deluxe Digital Vaporizer comes with everything you need to start vaporizing, including:  Vapor Cup Deluxe, lithium Ion battery, glass straw, plastic straw, rubber straw, scoop tool, tamper tool, hot tip mouthpiece, cleaning pick, small brush, large brush, screen assortment, power cord adapter, and charging base. 
(See featured photo showing the Vapor Cup & all the parts included.) 

2) The VC Glass Straw 4-Pack is a set of four capped glass straws with carry case. These glass straws can be loaded with material and then capped for future use (Two caps included with each straw).  A small chamber with holes at one end keeps the material contained.  Handy nylon carry case included.

3) The VC Car Charger allows you to take the Vapor Cup with you without fear of running out of battery power.  Just plug the Car Charger into any car lighter socket, and you are charging on the go.

Price purchased separately: $265
Special Value Combo Price:  $235
Total Savings: $30

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