VaporCup 2 - Value Combo Pack

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For a limited time buy the amazing VaporCup 2 Combo Pack on sale and receive 
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The VaporCup Value Combo Pack includes:
- VaporCup 2 Digital Vaporizer  
- VC Glass Straw 4-Pack w/Case
- VC Travel Accessories Pack

VaporCup 2 Features:
- Optimized airflow for better performance
- Upgraded battery provides increased battery life
- Removable stainless steel heat chamber slides out for easy cleaning.
- Digital accuracy - Temperature adjustment by a single degree.
- Digital temperature display
- Discreet “coffee cup” design, with privacy sleeve
- Dark stainless steel styling
- Heats up in around a minute (200ºF-420ºF, default temp 360°)
- Lithium ion rechargeable/replaceable battery
- One Year Limited Warranty
- Input: 100-240 VAC
- Dimensions:  7in x 3.5in (177mm x 90mm)   (H x W) 

The VaporCup 2 is an amazing loose leaf digital vaporizer, combining the awesome power of a desktop, the cordless freedom of a strong rechargeable lithium ion battery, and the convenience of a removable heat chamber.  The stainless steel heat chamber slides right out for easy cleaning, making every use taste as fresh as the first.  The discreet dark stainless steel ”coffee travel mug" design allows vaporization in a more private way, as it blends in with life in the modern household.  The VaporCup 2 is far more than just a pretty face...  

The VaporCup 2 comes with everything you need to start vaporizing, including:  VaporCup 2, lithium Ion battery, glass straw, plastic straw, scoop tool, tamper tool, metal cleaning pick, small brush, large brush, screen assortment, power cord adapter, and charging base. (See featured photo showing the Vapor Cup & all the parts included.) 

The VC Glass Straw 4-Pack is a set of four capped glass straws with carry case. These glass straws can be loaded with material and then capped for future use (Two caps included with each straw).  A small chamber with holes at one end keeps the material contained.  Handy nylon carry case included.

The VC Travel Accessories Pack includes an insulated padded Nylon Carry Case with strap, a soft protective lined velvet drawstring bag, and a handy tool tray. 

(Discreet packaging)

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United States United States

Finally an efficient portable vape of high quality and ease. A++

This was a Last-Ditch effort for my foreseeable future in regards to finding the 'perfect' vape device that fits my preferences and meets performance expectations. Before buying Vapor Cup I felt very frustrated with almost every dry herb vape I've used, they've just always fallen short in ways that have me going back to combustion methods... Until now. I'm just going to be straight up about this to anyone out there REALLY wanting a good device that's built well, delivers as advertised and works for many different situations, Vapor Cup gets the job done at a high level of quality. Vapor Cup has a strong build, was shipped very fast (arrived in only 2-3 days), the combo-pack deal if you're willing to go for it is worth it. It's extremely easy to unscrew the top & clean, also very easy to clean the glass straws/screens. All the tools that come with are extremely handy especially if you need a new set or don't have any. The extra glass straws are HUGE because you can pre-load like crazy, it takes little effort at all to pack 5 of these straws up whether you're staying in for the day or taking off somewhere. Taste: It's always been a "bonus" for me and I didn't care too much but I will say right out the gate that with Vapor Cup, you definitely can taste the terpenes very well and it helps you learn by smell & taste what certain flowers will give you in terms of effects. I have a newfound love for tasting buds while vaping them now, I actually care. Though in the end, it's about the effects, this makes it so much better. Efficiency: This part is amazing. I can pack a glass straw that's both small enough to micro-dose if you want or pack a small bong bowl's worth. 1 straw at around 330f will easily get me 10 or more phat hits. If you turn on the cup to the temp you want, let it warm up and sit for about 5 min then throw in your packed straw for 1-2 min you'll see the vapor sitting in the straw knowing its ready to hit. Many other vapes I end up sitting there waiting 15 minutes. Up it to 345 then 360 and move on to the next straw. You will be saving so much bud because you get so much more out of smaller amount its a game-changer. Stop blowing through an 8th when it can last weeks or a month! The Doc is right, this is a game-changer. I'm very skeptical about products, I get buyers remorse a lot because I have high standards in any product I buy but Vapor Cup is THE go-to for me now. It helps moderate tolerance keeping it low vs combustion or other methods, it takes the frustration out of maintenance, it saves you a ridiculous amount of money on buds because of how much you get out of each straw. There are other products and I'm sure people are happy with them but Vapor Cup hits like a truck, is still small and portable, it's not messy at ALL, it doesn't look like a typical 'stoner device', it literally looks like you're sipping on coffee out of a mug. Unless you want to spend more than half a grand for a desktop vape that you can't take anywhere and have to keep filling up ballons, Vapor Cup is it. Seriously, I never care to endorse other people's products unless I'm extremely happy. I know what it feels like to look at a price tag and hope it's worth the trouble, I highly recommend Vapor Cup, I finally found the device for just about any situation. I rarely use anything else now, all non-vapor cup devices are put away nicely in a closet now & if I feel like using something different I will but Vapor Cup really does make you just want to use it exclusively because of how high of a bar it sets IMO.

United States United States

Best Vaporizer

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and just started using a vaporizer. Wow, very medicinal and effective for pain. This device is well made, easy to use, and best of all it works like a charm. Money well spent.

United States United States


For anyone on the fence about purchasing this item, I would recommend it. The vapor quality is right there with the volcano. For me, the volcano is the benchmark for quality machines. You did a great job with this! Besides that, a feature i really like is the removable battery. I hate most handheld vapes because they don't have that. Basically it becomes trash when it fails - not this one. Cleaning is a breeze and customer service is awesome. The company really does care about your experience and it shows. They followup with you almost immediately and make sure you are comfortable using the device. Fantastic job with this.

Clint V.
United States United States

Incredible Device!!

I LOVE THIS CUP! If you really want to experience the real taste of your flower, then you need this cup. Im blown away with the taste and how a little bit of flower goes along way. AMAZING! I wish I would have known about this device sooner. I highly recommend the combo pack. Quick shout out to the Dr (**** Entertainment) Thank You. I've used this cup almost exclusively since delivery (which by the way was really fast) you can't smell anything im just blown away by this. Its a game changing device. Highly recommended.

A VaporCup Customer
Paul G.
United States United States

Change it up, get the cup

This vape cup hands down changed up how I smoke. Trust me, there is no going back to pipes after getting one of these. One, easy to use. Two, easy to clean. Three, easy to taste the bud. Four, easy to pack another bowl. Lastly, easily saves ****. I dont need that much to feel the effects. I smoke daily for the past 20 years, and it took less effort with this cup to "get there." If your are on the fence, take the leap. Besides, the vapor cup is at good price right now. I spent that much on a bong. Well worth it. The only thing, which did not effect my stars, more screens would be nice. The glass ones. Thanks vape cup.

United States United States

Next Level

On all levels next level. Service, product and genuine care...AFTER the purchase. Rare. As older person i needed simple, effective and cost efficient. Bam. Trifecta.

United States United States

Vapor cups are go!

I love this cup.Please give one a try if you’re on the fence-you’ll be glad you did.Practically eliminates coughing.Uses much smaller amounts of material for a better effect.Seriously.Easy to clean.Battery charge life could be improved but a charge still lasts about a day.(I smoke a lot).Really fantastic product.

Danielle D.
United States United States

I love the VaporCup!

I’ve been using the VaporCup for a few months and it has completely elevated my experience. My lungs feel so much healthier and the taste/flavor is amazing! Plus, I can get all the benefits from the terpenes now. I love the VaporCup!

United States United States

The best I’ve ever tasted

We had been using the volcano but are now using the VaporCup exclusively. Just a pinch goes a long way and the ***** is phenomenal.

United States United States

Wonderful product

This device and the company are wonderful. Mike sat on the phone with me for an hour to assist in operations and questions I had about the vaporcup. I highly recommend this as you will be very happy with your purchase. Thanks Vaporcup

Gene R.
United States United States

Travel Cup

Extremely happy with this cup. Battery life is exceptional. Automatic turn off at 18 minutes is a great help with battery as well as keeping cup from burning herb. The glass straws are made to last. Dropped one and it rolled down a very long driveway and survived! The design of this cup is extraordinarily done, looks and feels exactly like my Artic coffee cup. The temp ranges are spot on. I like 380 if finely ground herbs. Ecstatic to go on my next trip, because with my travel bag everything has a nice cozy place to travel with out any problem. I am a truly satisfied customer and will be happy to purchase all items from this website. Highly recommended!

United States


Once I learned how to use it , my experience have been great!

William H.
United States United States

Pretty cool product

This is a very nice device. I'm still getting used to it's inner workings but that's okay. That the fun part. It took me awhile to get up the courage to finally make this purchase but I'm glad that I did. This is going to be a game-changer for me in the way that I consume.

Bob S.
United States United States

Great product!

My wife and I are very much enjoying the quality, uniqueness and fun of using our new VaporCup -- It's truly a great value and a wonderful way to enjoy smoking. One question? (I'm not big on reading instruction manuals) - what is your suggestion about how often we should clean it? and typically, how often should we change out screens? etc? thanks again, we are so fortunate that our friend Esther convinced us to buy it!!

United States United States

VAPOR CUP is amazing

I recently purchased a vapor cup 2 combo pack and it is amazing it comes with everything you need to use and maintain the device. I have a crafty plus and I find myself reaching for the vapor cup much more often than the crafty. The flavor and the usability of the vapor cup is unmatched. You are able to use both on electric and battery which is a huge plus. You will never look at flower the same again it really is a game changer. Everything came on time and the shipping was decently fast. The build is robust and the customer service is amazing couldn’t recommend this product more 10/10. The doc had put me on this device and everything he claims is true and more. Love this thing

United States United States

Amazing flavor

Love my vapor cup 2 easy to use discreet and the flavors are so very good highly recommended.

United States United States

Ahead of its time

Worth every penny. I put it on 330 and the flavor is amazing.

United States United States

Get this

I was not enjoying the discomfort in my throat associated to smoking my flower and started researching vaporizers. I bought and still own a Dynavap and works fine, but there’s a learning curve and you need a good butane lighter. It’s also possible to overcook the product. With VaporCup you prepare the glass straws and simply wait for the green light on your preferred temperature setting then enjoy. The flavor is amazing and there is zero discomfort or need to cough after enjoying your flower. It’s absolutely perfect. Flower lasts so much longer than any other method. I wasn’t really sure I was consuming my medicine at first since there was no smoke/vapor upon exhale, but soon thereafter it became clear that I was doing things right. This device is far easier to clean than the others you see on YouTube or other websites. Just watch the how to videos on cleaning the Pax or Mighty. O-rings, disassemble pieces and parts. No thanks. This thing is simple and quick to clean. Get one and don’t look back. The VaporCup is brilliant

United States United States

Will always have a vap cup

I bought a vapor cup when they first came out and it was love at first sight and puff. Sad to say my vap cup died from too much useage and age. I bought another vap cup and I am still in love with it. You get a great taste with every puff.

Richard G.
United States United States

Richard Graciano

The best thing in the world okay anyway